Citrix Shatter

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Citrix is a hybrid cannabis strain that draws its genetics from a flavorful Grapefruit mother and a resinous LA Confidential male. Named for its intense orange aroma, Citrix entices the senses before drawing you into its active, clear-headed euphoria. If Citrix makes it into your garden, the telltale signs of a good phenotype include a pungent aroma, disease resistance, heavy yields, rapid vegetative growth, and a dense bud structure.

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2 reviews for Citrix Shatter

  1. p (verified owner)

    If you dab daily and need something you can work outside and interact with your neibours then this is for you, I’m happy to say it fantastic! and the speed of shipping cant go wrong. Thank a million. GoldDreams!

  2. RiverBliss (verified owner)

    Can’t go wrong with this one.

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