Maple Leaf Indica Shatter

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The Maple Leaf is a heroic strain of Indica with fat leaves, plump buds, and caked with crystals. Ml’s lineage spans from the Hindu Kush region in Afghanistan and has survived through some turbulent times due to the invading former USSR in the 80s. The taste of the herb is sweet, somewhat citrusy, and smells of incense. The effect of this wonderful strain has been known to act as an aphrodisiac and gives off a very relaxing and sensational body buzz. Coupled with a loved one and some good music or a good movie, Maple Leaf Indica can help provide the right mood for romance…or if enjoyed too much, can bring on a deep sleep right in the middle of your plans.

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28 Individual Grams, Ounce

3 reviews for Maple Leaf Indica Shatter

  1. Unknown (verified owner)

    very good quality and always a fast delivery. thanks GDR

  2. RiverBliss (verified owner)

    A nice caramel colour, kind of tastes like melons. One of my new favorites from this site.

  3. blackie23 (verified owner)

    It is a smooth, strong hitter. Nice taste. Another great product at a unbeatable price.

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