Phantom OG Shatter

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Phantom OG is an indica-dominant strain that begins with heightened energy and ends with a crash of full-body relaxation. Beyond its OG Kush genes, Phantom OG’s lineage is largely unknown, although many claim it’s related to the “Planetary Kush” series which includes Earth OG, Jupiter OG, Mars OG, and others. Its aroma is a rich combination of pine and lemon accented by a subtle menthol flavor. The initial euphoric jolt launches you into a happy, dreamy state of mind with fits of giggles and fixated concentration. Over time, you may notice some mental jamming, absent-mindedness, and impending sleepiness. Phantom OG is a great choice for patients treating insomnia, and others have reported its success in pain, appetite loss, and arthritis.

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28 Individual Grams, Ounce

11 reviews for Phantom OG Shatter

  1. jrock

    excellent! i picked up an ounce and was blown away at the pain relief (waiting for neck surgery), and how intense the high was. it’s very smooth, you can dab it all day without the throat croaks of most shatter. t/a was 3 nights 2 days. just par for the course really. these guys are the best in the business.

  2. a_inukpuk19 (verified owner)

    nice and potent flavour was a little off and the shatter seemed a bit dark but i would definatly grab this again next time i need some shatter this could be my go to .

  3. masamaya31 (verified owner)

    A little dark but potency is great over all a winner for me would recommend to anyone 👍👍👍

  4. zane.t.gates (verified owner)

    Awesome product for the price, the slab I received looks and handles nicer than the crispy looking chunk in the photo.

  5. ditto257 (verified owner)

    Good Product, Good people. Excellent service, good customer relations/response. Very professional. Reccomend to all. Al

  6. canadahunterca (verified owner)

    i am a new customer and i thought this shatter was excellent

  7. zane.t.gates (verified owner)

    At first glance it just looks like average, run of the mill product but this strain and batch turned out to be really top notch.

  8. RiverBliss (verified owner)

    Don’t let the price fool you. It’s a good one.

  9. staceyallen1982 (verified owner)

    Always a great taste and very pleased with the texture.

  10. blackie23 (verified owner)

    Awesome product for the price, Been smoking this stuff on and off for over a year

  11. mattlarson111 (verified owner)

    ordered the pre packaged oz and wow wasnt expecting something that good for the price good color and consistancy flavor was much better than expected this stuff is a steal

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